Three cows, two adults and a calf, could be seen in a video that shows they were left on a small island of grass after an earthquake hit Kaikoura, New Zealand. The 7.8-magnitude quake struck on Monday, and the landslides swallowed the earth that was around the animals.

We don’t know yet who the cows belong to and whether they were part of a larger herd. There is no information on how the emergency crews plan to rescue the cows either, but we know they are working on it. “Rescue efforts are now beginning to save the two cows and a calf that are marooned on this tiny mound of earth,” vet Dr. Chris Brown wrote on his Facebook page.

”If farmers and emergency services together can get to these cows, they will certainly make an effort to rescue them,” the local police department added when interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Two people died as a result of the quake, and as for now, “The priority of the police is to make sure all human lives are safe and we still need to account for all of them yet.”

(h/t: huffpost)

Watch video here: