Marengo Lambert is a timid sheep fighting to overcome his insecurities, join him on his adventure to increase his confidence!

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Sometimes I find myself in bed late into the afternoon. When that happens, I feel like I’ve thrown my day away. But I found that a little kindness and understanding makes it better

When I started these comics, I wanted to focus on the struggles of being shy. This would be one of them

Being shy also came with its share of bullying, unfortunately. Sometimes, I needed someone to talk to, and this feeling would hold me back

Cats were always a treasure for me. They helped with the sadness

They were always a treasure, unless this happened

My cat always kept me cheery despite his little quirks

Despite their furry rejections and claims to my stuff, I still spent my nights like this

As time went on, I strived for self-improvement. But that can be hard without friends

There were a lot of things that had to be accepted

I tried a lot of things to help my poor self-control

My self-discipline was all over the place, and I occasionally found myself in this situation

Waking up early was extra tough for me, and when I did, this would happen

When I got older I realized that I also never truly followed my dreams

Often times I would forget that I grew up entirely

Making time for friends I would sometimes notice how hard it was for me to just let go, and have a good time

When trying to make new friends, I felt like little things like this would hold me back

As much as I tried, I was also very easily exhausted by socialization

I never really understood social situations very well. So I would often be confused in the moment

Speaking up for myself was never easy for me so I could never truly express what I wanted or needed

Ultimately, trying to admit what was wrong was a very big challenge, but necessary

Social anxiety and depression are a dangerous mix, but I wanted to show that people were not alone in this

So many times I would try to prove myself to my peers

So many times I was misunderstood because of my timidness

I’d like to believe that we all have something to be proud of, even if it’s small

In the end, I believe what we all need is a little compassion to help us grow, more than anything. Thank you for reading