Healthy long term relationships are much more than just love and passion. Without loyalty, trust and respect, what seemed like strong emotional bonds can melt away quicker than winter snows in springtime. Or to put it simply — nobody enjoys being cheated on. Ever.

The times of catching your partner cheating on you in your own bed are mostly a thing of the past. Nowadays, imagine scrolling through your Twitter feed only to realize your loved one’s infidelity to you. One woman had to find out about her cheating boyfriend in exactly this way. Twitter user KenyDaNinja realized that her significant other may have been having an affair behind her back after another user — rhiannatxylor — uploaded a picture of a muscular man with his face covered by a smiley face. Keny’s suspicions were confirmed when a random Twitter user KneeshaBelle identified a cover photo of a magazine in the picture’s background and researched that the date was from February 2019.

One woman found a very suspicious photo on Twitter one day while scrolling through her feed

Image credits: rhiannatxylor

Image credits: KenyDaNinja

Image credits: KenyDaNinja

Imagine how terrible Keny must have felt after learning the ugly truth. But we’re pretty sure that knowing it and then choosing what to do is always preferable to being kept in the dark. What do you think?

Amateur detectives on Twitter took out their magnifying glasses and got to work looking for details that might prove if the woman’s boyfriend was unfaithful

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The website Her Way writes that “being loyal in a relationship is one of the most sought after qualities in a partner.” No wonder! Every person deserves to be treated according to the Golden Rule. Treat others like you expect to be treated yourself: as an actual living, breathing human being, with hopes and dreams, not just as an object or a means for you to reach some other goals.

Loyalty is based on trust, which leads to a sense of security, and helps create a far stronger emotional connection than in a relationship full of doubts and fears. Furthermore, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose — one single act of disloyalty can set the relationship back years, and might even cause you to split up.

Image credits: KenyDaNinja

Image credits: KenyDaNinja

Meanwhile, Elite Readers has a list of suggestions of what to do if your partner was caught cheating, including the fact that you should let your loved one explain themselves to you. You should also never blame yourself for what your partner did, and shouldn’t be afraid to turn to a professional, like a marriage counselor, for help.

And remember: never ever stay in a relationship only because you’re scared of being all by yourself; it’s unfair to you and your partner, even if they did cheat on you. If you’re having relationship problems, it’s always better to talk it out rather than keep your emotions bottled up inside. Otherwise, you might just find a nasty surprise while scrolling through your Twitter feed.

Twitter users found out that her boyfriend really was cheating on her, and even unearthed his name

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This is how people reacted to Twitter being full of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts

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