No one likes breaking or fracturing a bone, but when you've finally got that heavy and uncomfortable cast on, there's no reason not to have a bit of creative fun with it. Here are a few people who decided to have their casts decorated with creative designs to keep their spirits up while they heal.

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Casts in the future may not provide such a canvas for your artwork, but they may be beautiful in their own way. Webbed 3D-printed casts will weigh less and create less discomfort for the patient.

(h/t: designyoutrust)

#1 X-ray Cast

X-ray Cast

Shyphen Report

BarbaraCrane 3 years ago

Looks like my ankle x-ray looked, not fun :(

#3 Cute Carrot Cast

Cute Carrot Cast

Faderaumator Report

Oreo211 3 years ago

Aw how sad but cute!

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#4 Stockings Cast Art

Stockings Cast Art Report

BlancaAcevedo 3 years ago

Super cool!

#8 Iron Man Cast

Iron Man Cast

Iron Man Cast

Steve699 Report

#9 3D Printed Spiderweb Cast

3D Printed Spiderweb Cast

Cortex Report

ClaudiaH14 3 years ago

The 3D spider web one is AWESOME! But my question is does it actually do the trick, when it comes to repairing bones

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#18 Beer Lover's Cast

Beer Lover's Cast

Pseudo Random Report

KeaneLow 3 years ago


#19 Spider-man Cast

Spider-man Cast

Bakhar Report

Blanca Acevedo 3 years ago

Super..Super Cool!

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#20 Tattoo Cast Art

Tattoo Cast Art

Designyoutrust Report

Blanca Acevedo 3 years ago

Love it!