Spending time taking photos of cats, naturally turned out that there are many people who have a cat in their working place, so I decided to start a new project called C-AT Work.

It is a very interesting project that allows me to see the cats entered in the most unusual environments, in beautiful locations where we are not used to seeing them.

But I want to point out that all of my pictures are taken with respect for each cat, nothing is pretended or forced. Cats are very unpredictable and this is the hardest part of the project. They just don’t do what you want, when you want. I cannot expect anything; I just try and wait to see what happens. There will never be in my photos cats kept in arm forcibly, everything has to be very spontaneous and recreate an atmosphere of daily intimacy.

Many of my subjects had been suggested me by people who knew about the project, others come from internet researches.

BDC at the Grooming Shop

Gold at the Artistic Stones Showroom

Romeo at the Jewelry

Enrica at the Museum

Ketty at the Clothing Store

Nelly at the Bike Shop

Ciuci at the Mosaic Shop

Lily at the Newspaper Stand

Ruffy at the Police Department

Mino at the Custom Carpet Laboratory

Penny at the Art Gallery

Giulio at the Pet Store

Charlotte at the Antique Dealer

Bricola at the Mosaic Laboratory