Today, August 8th is International Cat Day, and we just couldn’t let the opportunity pass without mentioning it. Every day is cat day on the Internet, so we decided that we’d bring a bit of class back to the cat pics with a list of mysterious and classy black and white cat photos.

There are tons of adorable cat and pet photography shots on the Internet, but far fewer artistic black and white photos that give our classy feline companions the respect they deserve. These cool photos will be awesome no matter what, but we suggest viewing them through a cloud of cigar smoke in the back of a jazz club with a smooth magician on the sax and a whiskey sour or gin tonic by your side. Because that’s how classy and mysterious these beautiful cats are.

If you’ve got a cool and classy black and white picture of your cat, be sure to submit it at the bottom of this post!

Image credits: João Domingues

Image credits: wakoo22

Image credits: Laia

Image credits: Dhruv Aggarwal

Image credits: Kevin Law

Image credits: Aleksandr Antonov (left) | Jure Kravanja (right)

Image credits: Suze Piat

Image credits: Amy Covington

Image credits: Bebo

Image credits: Jennifer MacNeill

Image credits: Keren Segev

Image credits: Ruggiero Scardigno

Image credits: alexgphoto

Image credits: Aljaž Vidmar

Image credits: Simon Lee

Image credits: Pierre Adnin

Image credits: Sebastian Gruia

Image credits: Doron Nissim

Image credits: Aleksey Ivanov

Image credits: Jonathan Delgado

Image credits: Val D’Aquila

Image credits: J. Ota

Image credits: Don Jacowbski

Image credits: Michiyo Clark

Image credits: Pierre Adnin

Image credits: Milos Jovanovic

Image credits: Jonathan Delgado

Image credits: Dragan Djuric

Image credits: SoCal Mark

Image credits:  Hassan Saeed

Image credits: Ramón Espelt

Image credits: Viktoria Haack