Some people tend to turn a blind eye to animal suffering when it comes to buying leather goods. Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok and PETA Asia teamed up to change this attitude. They opened a fake pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls and put seemingly ordinary luxury leather goods on display. However, they had a terrifying secret inside.

The inside of the bags, shoes, wallets, and other items was the ultimate definition of gore. “Shoppers were shocked when they opened a bag or unzipped a jacket to reveal a beating heart or pulsating intestines,” PETA’s Ashley Fruno told Bored Panda. “This is a provocative way to confront consumers with the cruelty behind every exotics skin bag, belt, jacket or pair of shoes.”

More info:

PETA Asia and Ogilvy created a fake pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls

Unsuspecting shoppers jumped back in horror, gasping for breath

Leather purses, jackets, and even gloves were filled with fake animal flesh and blood

“Every year, at least 440,000 pythons are caught in the jungles of Southeast Asia”

They’re cruelly decapitated

Sometimes they’re even skinned alive…

Just to become a trendy item…

“An average handbag requires the slaughter of not one, but four crocodiles”

Does this really have to be the price to pay for yet another bag?

Watch how shoppers reacted to these bloody accessories here:

Thank you, Ashley Fruno, for talking to Bored Panda about this much needed project!