Recently, Ludwig, the naked guinea pig, shared a pic of him looking adorably surprised, and the Internet responded with a bang!

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From Salvador Guinea to Guinea Holmes - the bald little guy has been photoshopped into them all, and it's not over yet! Keep on scrolling to take a look at some pics of this guinea pig as different pop culture characters or join in on the fun, and photoshop him into a star yourself. Add your pics to the list and don't forget to vote for your favorites!


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#1 Guinea Holmes

Guinea Holmes

Ashtroid666 Report

Katinka Min 1 year ago

I love how you know immediately, who that is :-D

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#2 Person Of The Year

Person Of The Year

akh Report

Luke S. 1 year ago

Wait, I thought these were supposed to be pictures of a guinea pig. What happened?

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#4 Guinea Art

Guinea Art

-doitforjohnny- Report

Jasmine Chen 1 year ago

Oh no! I've got no celery!

#6 Great Scott!!

Great Scott!!

shopdude Report

Jamal W 1 year ago

Firing up his time traveling running wheel

#8 Pig Elect

Pig Elect

kevinstu20 Report

Emre ÇINAR 1 year ago

this one is the best :)