Hi, my name is Nona and to improve my drawing skills, I used the popular online Inktober challenge, where for 31 days you have to draw a traditional ink drawing. But to make it more interesting, I also retold my favorite fable from my childhood.

The story is inspired by a Russian folktale originally called The Soldier And Death, but my version has been embellished and altered to be told like never before. It follows an Onna-bugeisha, which is a badass female samurai, and her adventures as she travels through unforgiving places haunted by ghosts, encountering trolls, great wizards, demons, and many more! All in the quest to be the best eldest sister she can be.

But when trouble befalls a Mahārāja which threatens to break her younger sister’s heart, she’ll stop at nothing to protect the ones she loves even if that means tricking Death itself, but can she ever hope to win against such a powerful foe?

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My version of the folktale is called The Eldest Sister And Death

Although based on a Russian folktale, the story follows two Japanese sisters

The eldest sister is an Onna-bugeisha, which is a Japanese warrior from the nobility

The sisters travel to India, where the youngest sister becomes a Maharani

This causes the sisters to deal with lots of creatures from Hindu mythology such as Yakshas

The story also incorporates European mythical creatures such as forest trolls

The world the sisters live in is filled with all kinds of magic

The story is about the lengths the eldest sister will go to protect her younger sister

Along with the consequences of trying to defy death itself

The whole story was created using 31 traditional ink drawings and can be read for free on my website