With Hans van Benthem and Iris Roskam, we designed this out of the world passage in Amsterdam, a new tourist attraction in the very center! The passage is an ode to the famous canals in the city. On the ceiling is an almost 1 million piece mosaic that looks like you are submerged in the canals and see a psychedelic underwater world with all kinds of stuff floating in the water.

The canals are famous for being a burial ground for thousands of bicycles, everyone here knows the image of a crane on a boat dragging these “skeletons” from the bottom of the canals. But way more is happening, together the floating elements form the ingredients of the free spirit of Amsterdam.

More info: arnocoenen.eu | Instagram

The Tiffany lamps, made for us in the Czech Republic, are in the form of a bag of french fries, a herring and of course a joint.

There are golden chandeliers, made of bicycle parts, inspired by the Czech church in Kutna Hora, which are made of human skeleton parts.

The 3rd famous tourist attraction we were inspired by is Lourdes, like Lourdes you can take some Mokum (jidisch slang for Amsterdam) with you, it reads on the sandblasted, 3 meter high, and goldplated art deco mirrors. You can actually fill a bottle of water in the mouth of a huge bronze fish.

The whole passage is designed and executed in long-lasting old school materials, the walls with custom tiles and the floor is a terrazzo masterpiece by the Dutch Italian family Zuliani.

The whole thing was inspired by the beautiful subways in Moscow, actually, my big dream of doing a new station there, let’s see if that will come true!