Do you like cats? How about cute and tasty sweets? I think there are a lot of people who like both of them. So don’t you think that cat sweets would be perfect?

I am Laura, Japanese web designer and I blog with my mother Caroline. I love cats so much that I create cat sweets. I made cat-shaped eclairs for this Japanese cat day (22th Feb).

There are various coat pattern cats, and they have fruits or little chocolate kitty. Some cats lie on their bellies and relax. Cat’s heads are chocolate truffles, and cat’s paws and tails are made out of modeling chocolate (also known as plastic chocolate). The faces are painted with icing.

I like to express cuteness of the cats in sweets. My domestic shorthaired cat, Apelila, constantly inspires me. I also create other cat shaped sweets, like cat cakes, cat doughnuts, cat nerikiri (Japanese cake), etc.

More info:

Cat cakes (cats made out of sugar paste)

Cat cakes stamped with cocoa powder kitten paws

Cat doughnuts

Cat Nerikiri (Japanese cake)

Cat nerikiri with dorayaki (Japanese pan cake)

My cat Apelila

She is wearing a kimono and yukata (an informal cotton kimono for summer) that I made.