In a perfect world, there would be not a single heartbroken canine soul. But reality is different. And people were left shattered over this elderly black Labrador found tied to the metal gate outside Jasmil Kennels in Upchurch near Sittingbourne, Kent.

The workers of Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service, who found the dog yesterday, posted pictures of him on Facebook asking for help to identify the owner. But what really made everyone’s heart sink was the cruel note left alongside the animal. In a crumpled piece of paper, the text read: “Please can you take me in as my owner has abandoned me after 10 years because I have not learnt to be good so I have been returned here where he found me.”

Luckily, the Swale Dog Service soon posted an update saying the owner of the old boy was found and his extended family, who “know and love the dog,” will be taking the lab into their care.

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This old boy was found abandoned along with a cruel note explaining why the owner of 10 years made such a decision

Image credits: swalestraydogs

Image credits: swalestraydogs

Image credits: swalestraydogs

Bored Panda contacted Rebecca Dart, the communications and marketing officer at Swale Borough Council, where the black Labrador was found.

It turns out, “It is rare that we find abandoned dogs in Swale as we try to proactively work with owners to find other solutions.”

Fortunately, the boy was found happy and healthy. “He is around 14 or 15 and is doing well for his age,” said Rebecca.

The kennels of Swale Borough Dog Service, who found the dog, shared this post and later, an update

Image credits: swalestraydogs

Thanks to the Council’s network of contacts, social media, and microchipping, they can often trace stray and lost dogs back to their owners.

However, “Abandoned dogs can be trickier, but we have had some success in finding owners in the past.” The primary motive for doing so is to “better understand the situation that led them to abandoning the dogs.”

Rebecca also told us that among the number of different reasons for abandoning dogs, financial pressures stand out as a common factor. This can be due to “mounting vet bills, or due to personal circumstances,” she added.

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