Before introducing you to this post, we have to deliver a warning first. If you've opened this page to see some cute cartoon characters drawings, close it before it is too late. And if you are looking for some nightmare fuel, we dare you to scroll down.

Miguel Vasquez is a talented 3D art creator who loves to bring his drawings as close to reality as possible. Miguel has been working on famous cartoon characters for a while now, trying to reimagine them as real human beings in the form of 3D drawings. He takes well-known cartoon characters and turns them into a somehow disturbing and strange version of a person, and it would actually be terrifying to meet any of them on the street by accident.

Scroll down below for Miguel's renditions of cartoon characters in real life. Hopefully, you'll sleep soundly afterward.

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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

That is one ugly mother f#^*% (wrote this and then read it in Samuel L Jackson's voice)

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