It was celebrated in ancient Greece, ignored during the Middle Ages, and rediscovered by scientists over and over before the scientific community finally agreed that it exists. What are we talking about? Clitoris, the glorious part of the female reproductive system, of course!

Never have cartoons for adults been so informative, charming in a way and relatable than this creation of a Canadian screenwriter and animation director Lori Malépart-Traversy. She has decided to educate the internet on what that elusive clitoris actually is in her unexpectedly cute cartoon. And she’s done it in the most adorable and funny cartoon, which has already picked up multiple awards around the world including the Best Short Film Award at Festival Vues d’en face 2017 and the Best Documentary at Chicago Feminist Film Festival 2017. After watching this crazy cartoon, you’ll get why it is so highly prized.

So put on your science cap, prepare for some cute animation, and let’s get educated!

More info: Vimeo (h/t: demilked)