During the past few years, drones have dramatically changed the landscape of photography. So much so that numerous awards, dedicated specifically to aerial photography have emerged. One of them - probably the most prestigious - is Dronestagram (previously here and here), and it has just announced the winners of its 4th annual International Drone Photography Contest.

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"Drones are becoming an increasingly accessible way to get a new perspective on the world," Eric Dupin, CEO of Dronestagram said. "There literally are no physical limits as to where a shot can take place anymore."

The competition was judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts, including some from Dronestagram's partner National Geographic. Scroll down to enjoy the best of 2017 aerial photography, selected from thousands of entries from around the world.

More info: dronestagr.am

#1 Waterlily, Vietnam (People - 2nd Place)

Waterlily, Vietnam (People - 2nd Place)

helios1412 Report

Sheralyn 11 months ago

This is utterly gorgeous.

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#2 Two Moo, South Africa (Creativity - Finalist)

Two Moo, South Africa (Creativity - Finalist)

LukeMaximoBell Report

Fasya Maudia 11 months ago

took me about few mins to realize where the moos are

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#5 Provence, Summer Trim, France (Nature - 1st Place)

Provence, Summer Trim, France (Nature - 1st Place)

jcourtial Report

Nancy E 11 months ago

Again, I can smell the lavender from here !

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