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Famous Cartoon Characters In Real Life

Animators think that a line here and a line there is nothing wrong when creating a cartoon character?

While you might be used to seeing odd-shaped cartoon character faces on TV – somehow I doubt that you would want to meet anyone with such physiognomies in the real world. Thank god we can safely take a look at how cartoon characters would look in the real life without ever meeting these pervert-looking monsters.

I know these untooned cartoon pictures have been around for some time now, and you probably seen many of those, but they are just too cool (actually scary and creepy) not to have them on Bored Panda.

(Sources: and others)

Spongebob Squarepants: Patrick

Bamboos for: Brushcommander v BP

Simpsons: Homer

Simpsons: Mr. Burns

Simpsons: Hans Moleman


American Dad: Stan Smith

Family Guy: Peter Griffin

Family Guy: Stewie

Charlie Brown

Bamboos for: Tim O’Brien v BP

Beavis and Butthead

South Park

Bamboos for: NorthernBanshee v BP


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  • Nocturnesthesia

    This creepy kid in high school with my little brother looks JUST like Beavis.

  • marine mamm@l

    i wish to see king of the kill characters
    for i had a nightmare
    containing such

  • K3J51

    I used work with a guy who looks like a real life mario!! even more so than the image above……will post a pic if I can find one.

    • Jo Ngo

      please! Just do it!

  • LokCo

    I was just cruising along till… Popeye!! Scary!
    Is that like what he would look like now?

  • KayJay

    Why are they all so goddamn terrifying? (Other than the South Park interpretations, which are my favourite)

  • Jessanuez

    very nice pic!!!

  • cheap cigarettes

    Looooooooooool!! amazing!! mr.burns and popeyes look scary!!