Origami is beautiful yet fragile, but Floriane Touitou found a way to "preserve" her paper foldings. Floriane protects her intricate origami animals by putting them under glass and these decorations produce a unique charming vibe.

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"There is something magical in the transition from a single square sheet of paper to the desired shape: animal or insect, real or imaginary," Touitou said. Her origami creatures are inspired by natural history museums' preservation methods which were widely used in Renaissance Europe.

Floriane (who also has a PhD in Physics) hand-folds her animals using high-quality Washi paper. It is made of paper mulberry following an ancient Japanese technique and has been a world heritage since 2014. Her remarkable work is available on Etsy.

More info: Etsy | florigami.fr |  FB | Instagram (h/t: dyt)

#3 Copper Deer Couple

Copper Deer Couple

Floriane Touitou Report

Jazlyn J. 6 months ago

So Shiny, So Peaceful, So Perfect. So Beautiful.

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#4 Deer


Floriane Touitou Report

Eric Vigier 6 months ago

modification from the creation of Kunihiko Kasahara

#5 White Deer

White Deer

Floriane Touitou Report

M. Faizal Harvenda 6 months ago

The background lights a distracting its beauty

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#7 Penguin Mother And Baby

Penguin Mother And Baby

Floriane Touitou Report

Shina 6 months ago

It's lovely!! <3

#8 Green Parrot

Green Parrot

Floriane Touitou Report

Lou Wow 6 months ago

The quietest of parrots.

#14 Dragon


Floriane Touitou Report

classicgoldrush 6 months ago

i am obsessed with your work and i have no other choice to to purchase one! keep up the amazing work!

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