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Hilariously Terrified People from a Haunted House

The Haunted House in Niagara Falls, Canada, prides itself of its world famous Nightmares Fear Factory attraction – and they sure got the pictures to support it. The funny pictures are shot by strategically placed secret cameras which capture the visitors at their most vulnerable stage. Now that’s just doomed to be good!

Curiously, a pattern emerges that guys tend to either hind behind or hold on tightly to their girls when they’re terrified; crunching together is another common natural reaction. You can also spot pictures where some people already know they’re being photographed, and that way try to play the joke on the photographers. What works as a hell of a good commercial for the Haunted House, sure gives us quite some laughs, too!


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  • Kasper C. Goethals via Facebook

    What do they see?

  • Eric Hart via Facebook


  • Laura

    I want to know what they were seeing that scared them all so badly!

    • John

      on the other side of the room it is pitch black except the bottom because there is someone with a chainsaw trying to chop your legs off.

      - person in the 17th picture starting from the top

  • Anonymous

    *its, not “it’s”. 4th grade punctuation and grammar.

  • Sam

    Besides from the chainsaw, when the lights come ON, you see a car speeding towards you and stops just before it gets to you..

  • nyla


  • David Liu

    They saw their own faces for the first time in their life lol