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QUIZ: Modern Art or Children’s Drawings?

Art, and what we do and do not consider to be art, has changed a lot over the last century. It has become an increasingly difficult thing to define for the average person, and sometimes even art historians and experts can’t seem to keep up.

This was illustrated in a 2005 survey done by ABC News in which modern masters’ works were mixed into a series with paintings done by children and toddlers. Regular people and art critics alike were asked to choose from the series – which of these works belong in a museum and which ones don’t? Now, Buzzfeed has released a similar survey as well, which we’ve expanded on a bit.

The results of that survey indicate that either we have a long way to go before we can define what is and isn’t modern art, or that there’s no need to define it so strictly in the first place. Whatever the case may be, let’s see if you’re any better at telling modern art from children’s drawings than the experts are!

1. Modern art or toddler art?

2. Modern art or toddler art?

3. Modern art or toddler art?

4. Modern art or toddler art?

5. Modern art or toddler art?

6. Modern art or toddler art?

7. Modern art or toddler art?

8. Modern art or toddler art?

9. Modern art or toddler art?

10. Modern art or toddler art?

11. Modern art or toddler art?

12. Modern art or toddler art?

13. Modern art or toddler art?

14. Modern art or toddler art?

15. Modern art or toddler art?

16. Modern art or toddler art?

17. Modern art or toddler art?

18. Modern art or toddler art?

19. Modern art or toddler art?

20. Modern art or toddler art?

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What do you think?

  • Martin Galnares

    Vane Lasic ;)

  • Sebastian Schnell


  • Dan O’Brien

    Does it matter which is which?

  • Christopher Dubé

    Adrienne Rajack, Maybe Finn will be a great/famous artist one day!

  • Anna Margaret

    Some of these toddlers are pretty talented!

  • Sonia Macleod

    Does it really matter ? Why do we think we are superior to a toddler, who is completely uninhibited . No pretence or layers of education to clutter the mind. If it has some appeal , energy , movement, colour then just enjoy its beauty !

    • Yohann Gunathilleke

      pfft! I could put some paint on my butt cheeks and sit down on a piece paper you would probably say some crap like ” It captures the normality of life.”

  • Renee Hawkins

    I got 16 out of 20, some of those toddler ones were beautiful!

  • Jo Seilkopf Schram

    Missed two that ended up being kids work

  • Kristen Ross

    Children are intuitive artists, probably why a lot of their work is much better!

  • Karmina A. Sacramento

    3/20! I win.

  • Sue Howell

    I think the quiz is rubbish, done to make abstract art look bad. Very talented toddlers.

  • Vickie Stott

    missed on 3 — Emma who is 4 does not like using black

  • philippa

    7/20 oops

  • Sheetal Tuladhar

    Nikhil Kansakar, Andrea Estrella, Mai Otake, Crystal Vitagliano

    • Andrea Estrella

      I got almost all of them wrong! hahaha toddlers are very talented ;0

  • Slow Hands

    If people can’t make difference between your painting and an toddler painting, you’re not a fucking artist.

  • Kimberly Howard Peinado

    Fast Eddie Peinado: I got 17 out of 20 correct. Your turn.

  • Barbara Ann

    “Now what the hell is the difference between a childs painting and an artist who chooses to paint like a child?” Patsy Stone

  • Blur

    i only got 6 wrong. On some you can clearly see there is a sense of composition in the painting… on others well… who knows

  • 41Ned .

    It is not whether you are right or wrong it really is what you liked In my case I liked 13 of them out of the 20

  • John Darius

    These comments remind me why I hate people

  • Kevin Oxley

    The point seems to be missed here. Picasso made the issue clear years ago when he responded to a woman who criticised one of his paintings within earshot. She said “My 5 year old grandson could do that!” Picasso replied “Of course he can, but will he be still able to when he is my age?”

    • ThomasVeil

      So people should pay millions because a grown up can mimic children?
      Artists can paint whatever they want, but the art market is just absurd nowadays.

  • Judy Rognstad

    15 correct–being the mother of an artistically gifted child, I tended to give the toddlers too much credit.

  • Yohann Gunathilleke

    WOW! how do these so called “artists” earn money off this


    I hate modern art…

  • Keaton

    Im sorry, but i never really viewed anything like this as fine, expressive, any kind of popular art.. really. It’s just a bunch of smudges and careless scribble. I mean, you can get a sense of emotion in this with the type of colors they choose and how the picture is painted. but it doesn’t impress me. I draw pictures myself and consider myself artistic; I understand that art is a treat to the eye, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art can take any form but really. Where’s the effort? Why should someone get paid and praised for something everyone in the world did when they were toddlers?

  • Kameho

    Hmmm. Time to revamp my plans to become rich.

    Start kindergarden.
    Mass produce artworks.
    More kids.




  • jon dou

    I don’t understand modern artists, but I know there are some details toddlers know better than to waste their time on.