A little boy was recently left heartbroken after losing his favorite toy elephant. However, his parents came up with a brilliant plan. They told their son that his cuddly buddy wasn't missing at all and that he'd simply decided to go and travel the world. Then posting a picture of the toy elephant on Reddit, they called upon the internet's army of Photoshop geniuses to superimpose their son's missing toy into as many exotic locations as possible. And the internet answered that call in the most awesome way ever. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we mean. We hope he remembered to pack his trunk!

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#1 In Africa

In Africa

mgedvado Report

Anna Conus 10 months ago

What a marvelous idea when a child loses a favorite toy ! I hope that little one enjoyed those photos as much as I did .

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#2 Flying Somewhere

Flying Somewhere

weeeeetao Report

#3 Making New Best Friends Already

Making New Best Friends Already

Criticalg Report

Stephanie Greene 10 months ago

That's an animatronic elephant on the jungle cruise at Disney world :)

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#4 In Antarctica

In Antarctica

mgedvado Report

Anne-Catherine Stainier 10 months ago

The best place

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#5 In London

In London

Astrophysicyst Report

Laura Johnston 10 months ago

With Paddington!!!!!

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#6 With Friend In Peru

With Friend In Peru

GrayWillem Report

Laura Johnston 10 months ago

So cute!

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#7 Chillin With Lady Liberty, New York

Chillin With Lady Liberty, New York

stonedasawhoreinSiam Report

Pi... 10 months ago

Aw this is the cutest!

#8 Obligatory Sakura Picture

Obligatory Sakura Picture

GrayWillem Report

Ironhide 1904 10 months ago

Love this one :) <3

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#9 In Norway

In Norway


Laura Johnston 10 months ago

Love his little viking hat!

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#10 In Cambodia

In Cambodia

kungfujohnjon1 Report

Trina Risos 10 months ago

When a toy got more jet setting skills than you :/

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#11 In France

In France

Astrophysicyst Report

Michel Guntern 10 months ago

Chef de Cuisine.

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#12 In Japan

In Japan

GrayWillem Report

Peg Hunter 10 months ago

This is a real feel-good story, which is a relief from pre-election obsession!

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