In 2012, I started the #AnimationInReality project, two years ago when I bought my new smartphone. I was checking out the camera and taking pictures all over Athens when I came across a cloud that looked like the Batman logo. The moment I started editing this photo the idea was born in my mind.

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Big break: Last October, when Beth Ditto and Marc Jacobs shared one of my photos, which was Ursula [from The Little Mermaid] as Beth Ditto on the runway.

I decide which characters to pair with each photo, Sometimes I am inspired by the character/aura of the celebrity, sometimes by his/her style that matches the cartoon, and there are also the times that I focus on humor and spontaneity!

Disney characters were our childhood's celebrities. I would like to help the now-adult audience to be able to follow their once-favorite celebs in contemporary situations and thus make them a little bit nostalgic for an "innocence lost era," which with a little bit of imagination is not that lost after all. You just have to take a look at my Instagram!

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#1 Ursula As Adele

Ursula As Adele


#2 Jasmine As Kim Kardashian

Jasmine As Kim Kardashian


#3 Evil Queen As Gigi Hadid

Evil Queen As Gigi Hadid


#4 Belle As Bella Hadid

Belle As Bella Hadid


#5 Elsa As Gigi Hadid

Elsa As Gigi Hadid


#6 Pocahontas As Rihanna

Pocahontas As Rihanna


Petra Madsen 5 months ago


#7 Aladdin Ad Bruno Mars

Aladdin Ad Bruno Mars


#8 Snow White As Irina Shayk

Snow White As Irina Shayk


#9 Evil Queen As Lara Stone

Evil Queen As Lara Stone