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Hilarious Art School Ads Parody Anti-Drug PSAs

The College for Creative Studies together with an advertising firm Team Detroit came up with an ingenious ad concept to attract students to their art courses. Instead of bragging how good the college is, they decided to use reverse psychology.

The ads supposedly discloses harmful and addictive side effects of art, and is also mocking popular anti-drug campaign from the 1980′s and 90′s, put together by the Public Service Announcements.

The idea was conceptualized by Marcus Popiolek, director of marketing at CCS, Kate Lees and Megan Mesack, both of the university. The first campaign was posted in 2011, and the witty irony instantly went viral on social networks. Below are the ads from the older campaign mixed with a couple of new ones which were released this year.


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  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook

    This is delightful.

  • Steph Garcia via Facebook

    Hey Joel Wescott – You’re still getting props my friend. Well done!

  • Adéla Ťopková via Facebook

    It’s amazing! Well….art is also drug.

  • Susan Carusi via Facebook

    Love it!

  • Flemming Sieben via Facebook

    Too funny!!!!

  • Vlado Anjel Photography via Facebook


  • Gillian Shields via Facebook

    Dawn! :-)

  • Jana Fukyy Raticová via Facebook

    amazing :D

  • robee

    I love these ads! Wish i had a choice to go to an artschool!

  • Widz Serabani

    gay :x

  • went2artschool

    I thought it was funny. And my cousin is doing 15 in Huntsville for selling meth and pot. Yet I think it’s cute. And really- did those cheese ball ads from the 80′s really discourage anyone from doing drugs? Isn’t the whole war on drugs a waste of money and a public policy failure?

  • Jim Lehmann

    I think it’s a genius way to get attention for something positive for a profession… may be theft, you understand… but genius! I first saw some of these at a multi-school local art show just 2 weeks ago, and love them! I remember when my son came home and declared his career to us, not having even discussing it prior to the day he signed up for the Army… about the same reactions from mom and dad! He’s retired now after 20 years and we’re proud of his choices!