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40 Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2011

To celebrate its 1 year anniversary, ‘Damn You Autocorrect‘ compiled a huge list of most popular AutoCorrect entries determined by Facebook shares, tweets, comments, and pageviews.

For those thinking it’s fake, DYAC explains: “Autocorrect behaves differently on everyone’s phone, and it “learns” words based on things you have typed in the past. If you can’t reproduce it on your phone after numerous tries, it doesn’t mean it is fake. It just means you have too much time on your hands.”

Without further ado, here are the 40 funniest autocorrects from their list with a couple of our picks from their website!

Warning: this post contains strong language, please don’t read if you’re too young or too sensitive or have no sense of humor.

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  • Are2193

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i f*king funnny man Love it

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  • Guest

    LOOOOLLLL This made my day :-]

  • Cam


  • Vicash1993


  • zantetzu

    hahaha so funnyXD

  • Monica Torquati

    omg omg omg put more up there so funny.cant stop laughing 

  • Briana Ramos

    hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahha thats funnnnyyyy

  • Feesh

    omg that had to of been close to the funniest shit ive ever red befor. LmFaO!!!!!!

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  • Sandy

    hahahahahahahahaha had so much fun reading all that shit!! 

  • Stacy Kat Hawkins

    omg had me crackin up!!

  • Hantusblaus

    i wont buy an iphone.. make me sick.. cant stop laughing

  • Bushtak13


  • Fallenangel

    funniest thing ever!!!!

  • yash

    stomach aches!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tersie

    i was lying on the floor laughing it made my year

  • Jessenia

    omg this got my stomach hurting

  • Christopher West

    i started laughing so hard!!!

  • I L0VE L0TTE !x

    whoa i cant breath

  • cum guzzler

    hahahaha this is some funny shit!!!! lmfao right now

  • SynZane

    I want an iphone now, just so I can have some crazy convos with friends and family. :D

  • Hollynka Channing

    Omg i couldnt stop laughing, that was sooooo funny!
    I was crying!!

  • Ratan


  • Lisa Newland

    Best laugh I’ve had for some time, crying, sides hurt, hyperventilating!

  • Lici

    I just read this at work…very bad idea…everyone was looking at me like a crazy person but I couldn’t stop reading…or laughing.

  • Jen Overton

    I’m in tears,. these are priceless!!

  • Tianna D

    oh my god i cannot stop laughing!!!!!! hahahaha

  • sai

    im about to stab myself in the heart lmfao i died on second post this made my day

  • Maria Magdalene

    OMG I was crying reading these……. funniest things ever

  • Maria Magdalene

    OMG I was crying reading these……. funniest things ever

  • guest

    Oh my goodness i died out laughing with all of these autocorrects lol!

  • callie

    wasnt that funny god



  • Blake Chambers

    One of them was verizon 3g

  • Anonymous

    AAHAHAHHAHHHHHHH I peed my pants…

  • Fiorella

    The best laughter medicine ever! I’ve never cried so hard LOL

    thank you guys and autocorrect, you made my day!

  • Anonymous

    so cool!

  • TessVond

    What the fructose?

  • Kelly

    holy crap! best thing ever! laughing so hard right now! XD

  • Katie

    To Damn funny

  • ghvyhbg

    Those are inappropriate I had to stop reading them omgoodness eww eww

  • xoxo

    hahaha t’was fun!