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50 Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2012

Just like the last year, ‘Damn You Autocorrect‘ announced the 50 Most Hilarious Autocorrects Of The Year, determined by Facebook shares, tweets, comments, and pageviews.

For those thinking it’s fake, DYAC explains: “Autocorrect behaves differently on everyone’s phone, and it “learns” words based on things you have typed in the past. If you can’t reproduce it on your phone after numerous tries, it doesn’t mean it is fake. It just means you have too much time on your hands.”

Without further ado, here are the 50 funniest autocorrects from their list with a couple of our picks from their website!

Warning: this post contains strong language, please don’t read if you’re too young or too sensitive or have no sense of humor.

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  • Vh Hurtado via Facebook

    FB seems to be using the “king’s english” auto spelling

  • Jennifer Scotto-Robinson via Facebook

    Oh man, crying. So funny!

  • Milly Rees via Facebook

    Oh my god i thought I was going to die laughing then!

  • Adeline Beugniet via Facebook

    It’s hilarious ! We’ve all been through that … I once sent “Sex you next time” instead of “See you next time” to someone… That awkward moment when you realize what you just sent …

  • Anne Gerth via Facebook

    Laughed so hard I cried!

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    Very funny. Tnx for sharing.

  • Cassandra Scott via Facebook

    Lmao! In public you just look crazy doing this hahah

  • Marie Malyon via Facebook

    I actually cried laughing to these. So loud the other half came into the room to check I was okay. I love autocorrect fails :’)

  • Sam

    These are so real!
    -Said no one ever

  • Trahvae Freraire via Facebook

    Omg, this is the best laughter I’ve had in days!

  • Magdalena Schijf via Facebook

    Hahaha this really made me cry!

  • Mark Bullimore via Facebook

    haha brilliant !!

  • postcardology’s

    The best! a good laugh after work!

  • Pamela Wilson Law

    Holy shit, I’m having spasms! And I’m stealing that “AssWaffle” phrase….

  • monkey

    if they were smart they would read their texts before sending them. i swear this veneration i s full of idiots

    • moo

      generation. see? the prime example

      • anurago_O


  • bubblefish

    I just laughed so hard I scared he cats and my preschooler

    • Jeepy

      I laughed till my eyes watered. Brilliant. But there seriously are a lot of these that are made up. I don’t really mind though. I’ll continue to enjoys them.

  • Rebecca Imogen Tun

    i’ve been crying with laughter for the last 5 minutes…now i have to go blow my nose

  • Norman Dude

    these are funny, but two interesting things about this.

    1. they’re all iphones. does that mean that only iphone users are dumb? (plausible)
    2. autocorrect learns words you commonly use, so if you type autocorrect, and it comes out as “autoeroticasphyxiation”, then there’s an extremely high likelihood that you’ve used that phrase before in regular conversation. (sicko)

    • Nicoshae Mcfarlane

      dude your logic makes sense

  • Nicoshae Mcfarlane

    interesting choice of auto corrects

  • joliewalt1988

    omg! this is not good to read if you have asthma! i damn near died! XD toooo fricken funny!! :D

  • kristy

    laughed so hard i cried several times – some might be fake but they are still funny