When you hear the word "cute," furry baby bunnies, lovely kitties and happy puppies probably come to mind. But cuteness can be a universal concept, and some other animals, especially reptiles and amphibians, can look just as adorable as any mammal.

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Yes, they have scales and not fur. Yes, some of them are poisonous. And yes, they can make you go "awww." Reptiles are one of the largest classes in the world, so you're bound to find one or two that are irresistibly adorable!

If you've met a nice reptile like these, don't forget to share it with us and upvote your favorites, too!

(via: BoredPanda.es)

#1 Gimme Your Hand!

Gimme Your Hand!

pantallaHD Report

TracyCampbell 1 year ago

I like how the chameleon on the right is all like "Ummm...what are you doing? BACK TO YOUR SIDE."

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#2 Adorable Smile

Adorable Smile


HipChick 1 year ago

This picture is my favorite.

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#3 Crocs Also Enjoy Skritches

Crocs Also Enjoy Skritches

cutereptiles Report

Z3LDA 1 year ago

So cute,Love this!

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#4 Baby Chameleon

Baby Chameleon

Chris Minihane Report

guess 1 year ago

Chameleons. Cutest reptiles of all <3

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#5 Happy Chameleon

Happy Chameleon

Igor Siwanowicz Report

Adirfen 1 year ago


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#6 Bearded Dragon.

Bearded Dragon.

imgur.com Report

LilaGirl 1 year ago

Be the flower

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#7 Crocodile Mom Gives The Best Rides

Crocodile Mom Gives The Best Rides

imgur Report

KimberlyJones 1 year ago

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! This is fun mom

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#8 Adorable Leopard Gecko

Adorable Leopard Gecko

imgur.com Report

mengsengamazing 1 year ago

It is nice photos, but I'm so afraid it.

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#9 Fingertip Gecko

Fingertip Gecko

imgur.com Report

KristenSayers 1 year ago

baby dragon!

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#10 Say It With Strawberries

Say It With Strawberries

Clemmysman Report

JudyJohnson 1 year ago

This reminds me of one of my favorite books from childhood, Rosalie The Turtle!

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#11 Happy Gecko

Happy Gecko

imgur.com Report

JoDalton-Davis 1 year ago

That's soooo cool & cute. :-)

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#12 Gecko's Way To Blink

Gecko's Way To Blink

Sébastien Del Grosso Report

JoDalton-Davis 1 year ago


#13 I'm Tiny But Ferocious!

I'm Tiny But Ferocious!

flickr Report

1 year ago

What kind of reptile is that? Adorable.

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#14 Smiling Turtle

Smiling Turtle

imgur Report

JoDalton-Davis 1 year ago

Crazy pic !!

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#15 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

cutestpaw Report

HipChick 1 year ago

The caption for this photo makes the pose even better.

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#16 Tiniest Western Blind Snake

Tiniest Western Blind Snake

Robert Kemmerer Report

Vodka 1 year ago


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