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30 Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism

I am sure every panda enjoyed laughing at Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS ever but let’s be fair here, and look at some of the best logo design examples. To be more specific, let’s have a look at creative Logos With Hidden Messages.

As we wrote earlier, the first feature of a good and effective logo is that it can immediately “grab” viewer’s attention. A good way to do so is by giving viewers a little puzzle to solve. Everyone likes puzzles, right? When viewers get the hidden message behind the logo, there’s this instant little satisfaction feeling, and something fun likes this gets people talking and sharing.

Even if the viewer cannot see anything hidden at first sight, the second somebody explains it to him will make the logo stick into his head for a long time.

Now let’s jump to the list of the most creative and clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism, and learn from the best!

1. Circus of Magazines

Circus tent looks like a magazine (more like a book to me, but still very clever). (Designer:logotomy)

2. Backspace

Just looking at the logo makes you want to press “backspace” and correct the typo. (Designer:JoePrince)

3. Barcode

Notice that the word “bar” is darker. (Designer: Sean Heisler)

4. To beat or not to beat?

The question mark is made of a belt.

5. Bipolar

The Logo depicts ambiguous emotions. (Designer:Siah Design)

6. Bird

Letter “B” is also a bird. (Designer: Peter Varsvali)

7. Cafe Click

Coffee steam is made of mouse pointers (Designer:Leo)

8. Amazon

The arrow from A to Z, symbolizes what Amazon is known for selling everything from “a to z” . It also serves as a smile, making the company feel friendly and approachable.

9. City Direct

“Notice how the space around the plane forms the letters C and D.” (Tobias) (Designer:Logomotive)

10. Elefont

There’s an elephant trunk inside the letter “e”. (Designer:m1sternoname)

11. Formula 1

Empty space in the middle creates a number “1″ for “Formula 1″

12. Families

Those 3 letters in the middle ‘i’, ‘l’, and second ‘i’ represent a family (father, mother and a child, or 2 fathers and a child in some countries).

13. F*ck!

A bit provocative logo against nazism and racism. (Designer:Karl Design)

14. FedEx

If you look closer you’ll notice the right-pointing arrow in between the ‘E’ and the ‘x’, representing precision and speed at which FedEx works.

Update: Anyone else see the spoon in “Fed” of Fedex? (@lissnup)

15. Half

(Designer: wunjo)

16. Iron Duck

A hanger looks like a duck. (Designer:Siah Design)

17. Yoga Australia

Woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent between her leg and her arm.

18. Killed Productions

Letter “i” is lying as if it was killed. (Designer:Ethereal)

19. Mosleep

Mosleep is an organization of doctors that deals with people having sleeping disorders. The logo is their intial ‘M’ that was designed to also look like a bed. (Designer:Muamer)

20. Mr.Cutts

The scissors are transformed to look like a face with glasses and mustache. (Designer:Tabitha Kristen)

21. NBC

There’s a hidden peacock looking to the right representing the company’s motto to look forward, and not back.

22. Pencil

Letters “i” and “l” form a pencil. (Designer:reghardt)

23. Push The Bottle

You can see a hand pushing a button inside the bottle. (Designer:Hemisferiod)

24. Shocked

The socket’s expression says it all. (Designer:Fogra)

25. Sushi

Letter “H” looks like chopsticks picking a sushi. (Designer:Type08)

26. Threesome

27. Twins

Letter “N” looks like number 2, symbolizing twins. (Designer:Actiondesigner)

28. Up

An arrow showing up forms a letter “u” and also has a hidden “p” inside. (Designer:m1sternoname)

29. Wine Searcher

It looks like eyeglasses binoculars and bottles of wine at the same time.  (Designer:Itsgareth)

30. Zip


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  • CS

    I’ve always liked Spartan Golf Club

  • janet

    Legendary pianist Van Cliburn’s logo for his organization is pretty clever, as well. the V and C create a piano. Check it:

  • E. Siesel

    MOSLEEP is the best.

  • Larry Ray

    Wine Searcher logo description -
    Instead of “Eyeglasses”, shouldn’t that be Binoculars (that you search with?). It’s a Top View of.

  • Bored Panda

    1000 points goes to Larry. Thank you :)

  • Simone
  • Tim Footman

    If the logos are that good, why do you feel the need to explain them?

  • migs

    bipolar is so simple i haven’t thought about it!

  • Am


  • Ad

    This one is an excellent example of letter-in-the-letters design:

    CPN means “Cenatrala Paliw Naftowych” = “Central (Distribution) of petroleum-based fuels” and in ~1950-1990 it was the only provider of fuel in Poland (of course it was national, not private). So the logo was one of the strongest logos in Poland, recognized by every single driver.

  • Logo Design

    All of these are excellent, but my fav is Yoga Australia.

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  • steeve

    Lovely collection!

  • Brand Fiesta

    Did you notice that on the chopsticks the red dot #25 representing Japan’s flag

  • Logo Design

    great collection. do these logos come under subliminal advertising? i did a presentation on sub ad using Fedex logo.

  • Ellabee

    I can’t believe you omitted the Northwest Airlines logo. Pure brilliance.

  • Jehanzeb

    great pics. thanks.

  • Tabitha Kristen

    Thanks for including Mister Cutts! Great collection :)

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  • Paweł Pruszkowski

     In the Wine Searcher I can see a nose – this is the most important tool of every sommelier!

  • Anonymous


  • George

    When introduced in the 50s, the peacock represented transition of TV programing from black and white to color

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