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33 More Creative Logos With Hidden Symbolism

33 More Creative Logos With Hidden Symbolism


If you are a logo designer looking for some typography and logo inspiration, then it’s your lucky day because we’ve made another list of Creative Logos With Hidden Symbolism. And if this is not enough, there’s 70 more incredibly clever logo designs in our previous collections: see part I and part II.

However, if you are a mere mortal and not a graphic designer, you can still view these creative design logos and try to find the double meanings. Oh, and if you wanna have a good laugh, don’t forget to check out the Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS Ever and Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz. If you are more into history, then you might wanna take a look at 21 Logo Evolutions of the World’s Well Known Company Logo Designs.

Now, enough will all the old post promotion stuff, let’s jump to the creative logos! However, note that part of the featured logos are still only proposals waiting to be acquired by some lucky company.

1. VinoPiano

Vine glasses also look like piano keys. (Designed by Mootto Studio)

2. French Bakery

French bread is also a letter “F” (or other way around). (Designed by: milash)

3. Steps

(Designed by: Jason Sanzone)

4. Freedom


A part of letter “m” flies away like a free bird symbolizing freedom. (Designed by Jens Wickelgren)

5. DoDo Grill Restaurant

Company name “DoDo” looks like meat skewers. (Designed by Dalibor Novák)

6. Babelfish Legal

Logo for a law office from Netherland. (Designed by Rokac)

7. Martini House

There’s a hidden house between two martini glasses. (Designed by: EBrown)

8. Infinite Love

(Designed by KonradK)

9. Drop

(Designed by lboi)

10. Art Sharks

The top of the brush looks like shark’s fin. (Designed by dzineden)

11. DG Fishing


There’s a hidden fish between letters “D” and “G”. (Designed by contrast8)

12. Cloved

(Designed by contrast8)

13. Unlock

(Designed by cleber)

14. Octopus Caffe

(Designed by contrast8)

15. Golf

Logo for the golf outing promotions in Nevada, USA. (Designed by Type08)

16. Cinema Cafe

(Designed by Muamer)

17. Light Bureau

(Designed by D4design)

18. Wurst Fabrik

There are two hidden sausages inside the logo. (Designed by 321visual)


19. Mummy

The whole logo looks like a lying mummy. (Designed by hemisferiod)

20. Happy Quote

Quotation mark looks like a side view of happy face. (Designed by mabu)

21. EcoHouse

For green campus living. (Designed by Myco)

22. Orange Cat

Letters “O” and “C” form a cat. (Designed by grabarz )

23. Backword

(Designed by mabu)

24. Animal Search

Bird’s head is also a magnifying glass. (Designed by nickhood)

25. Crayne Locksmiths


(Designed by princehat)

26. Illusion

(Designed by Anthony Lane )

27. Knife

Letter “f” looks like knife with a drop of blood. (Designed by cleber)

28. Height

There’s a hidden “H” between the two arrows. (Designed by strizhart)

29. Lochness

(Designed by Navy Blue Design)

30. Motion

There’s a hidden “M” inside the logo. (Designed by Nick Hood)

31. Bread & Breakfast

The coffee inside a cup looks like a loaf of bread. (Designed by Strudel Design )

32. Arrow


(Designed by cleos)

33. Fit

A hidden “i” between the letters “f” and “t”. (Designed by Radomir Tinkov)

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