You probably already think that we are obsessed with logo design (and you’re probably right), but our numbers show that most of you guys enjoy creative logos as much as we do.

That’s why we proudly present 40 more clever logos with hidden symbolism. If you missed part I of these cool logos, you can find it here.

But before you start scrolling down the list, let me quickly run trough the list of graphic design posts we had earlier: Top 15 Worst Company Logo FAILS Ever, 21 Logo Evolutions of the World’s Well Known Logo Designs, and Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz. You may open them somewhere in a new browser tab and continue from here.

Oh, and don’t forget to tell us which clever designs you liked or hated most! We are really interested to hear what you think.

1. Black Cat

Letters “c” are also cat’s eyes. (Designer: vasvari)

2. Bee

A swarm of bees forming a “B”. (Designer: AlexanderSpliid)

3. Web Girls

The mouse cursor and the dot forms a sign of a female. (Designer: scala_humana)

4. Invisible Agent

There’s a hidden tie in the logo. (Designed by AlexWende)

5. Night Golf

The golf ball is lit like a moon. (Designer: MikeyMike)

6. Found Customer

The missing puzzle part is also a pictogram of a human. (Designer: Matto)

7. Missing

Both letters “i” are missing. (Designer: JoePrince)

8. Airtime

The clock’s arrows are also a plane. (Designer: firebrand)

9. Catch Me!

Falling man and hand at catch moment. (Designer: Matto)

10. Book Cover Cafe

The book is shaped like a cup of coffe. (Designer: Macarotti)

11. Bird Love

Logo created from a B and L forms a heart and 2 birds. (Designer: Logomotive)

12. Boxsit

Box + Chair. (Designer: Logomotive)

13. Cloud Corner

Cloud server company, it’s like having your private “corner” in the cloud. (Designer: peclat)

14. Code Fish

The fish is formed of various computer symbols. (Designer: mabu)

15. Cowbra

Cow + zebra. (Designer: Tom Merckx)

16. Moon

(Designer: JoePrince)

17. Crowd

A logo that stands out from the crowd. (Designer: !mude)

18. Impotence

Letter “i” has some problems standing up. (Designer: mabu)

19. Wiesinger Music

Letters “w” and “m” look like piano keys. (Designer: Patrik A.)

20. Fly

Letter “f” is rotated to look like a plane. (Designer: holajoan)

21. Dolphin House

There’s a dolphin’s flipper cut out of the square. (Designer: Ico Design)

22. Coffee Night

There’s a moon shape made of coffee foam inside the cup. (Designer: azdesign)

23. Doghouse Brewing

Logo for a brewing company targeting adult male screw-ups who feel they’ve been put in the “doghouse.” (Designer: JohnBoerckel)

24. Ocular Ink

Drop of ink + glasses. (Designer: OcularInk)

25. Egg

Letters “g” are made of eggs. (Designer: creattica)

26. Unarmed

Literally unarmed silhouette of a man. (Designer: JoePrince)

27. Fishop

Fish Silhouette. (Designer: Levogrin)

28. Wine Forest

If you look more carefully, you should also see 3 bottles of wine.  (Designer: jeriahblau)

29. X-Mas

There’s a hidden Christmas tree inside the letter “X”. (Designer: Dalius Stuoka)


The lens of the camera is also a plate. (Designer: Siah Design)

31. Handy Dog

Dog’s silhouette made with a hand. (Designer: makarevichyana)

32. King Fish

If you take a closer look at the crown you should see 4 fishes. (Designer: Emil Hartvig)

33. Uptown

The houses are actually arrows pointing up. (Designer : mister jones)

34. Coffee Cup

Logo for coffee house Coffee CUP where high quality coffee is served. Notice that logo of coffee cup is made of letters “CUP”. (Designer: Jan Zabransky)

35. Next

Letters “e” and “x” form an arrow. (Designed by Robert Butkovic)

36. Seeds

The letters look like little seeds, and letter “d” is already sprouting up . (Designed by by dotflo)

37. Random

Applies the concept of “luck of the draw” of gambling by incorporating slot machine imagery into the typography. (Designer: logocafe)

38. Pause

This logo is created for Pause Fitness world, and the letter “u” looks like a pause symbol. ( Designer: Volkan Eksi)

39. Portrait Photos

There’s a man’s silhouette inside the camera. (Designer: Atakan Seçkin)

40. Panda Communications

If you look more carefully, you should see that letters “p” and “a” are also panda’s eyes. (Designed by: Nido)

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