This hilarious ceiling cat was spotted in an office in Japan. Employees are scared: "Is it a new way to monitor our productivity and spy on us?"

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Well, it might be! But before this "new technology" spreads all over the world, let's see where else this kitty could fit in!

(The pictures were posted by Japanese Twitter user @omocha_no_uma after a colleague sent them to him at work)


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#1 BB-8 Cat!

BB-8 Cat!


Titus Overway 9 months ago


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#3 Spy Cat

Spy Cat


Kayla Richardson 9 months ago

Day #516: They don't suspect a thing!

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#5 What If....

What If....


Jaded Avenger 9 months ago


#6 Space Cat

Space Cat


Jean-François Richard 9 months ago

Thank you for not putting the cat in Uranus.

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#7 Little Did We Expect To Catch A Cat In Mid Air

Little Did We Expect To Catch A Cat In Mid Air


Sophie G 9 months ago

hey this was a phótoshop challenge ;p