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50 Strange and Funny Google Suggestions

You’ve probably already read how cool Google’s offices are (The Best Place to Work: Google and their Office in Zurich), but in addition to having the coolest offices, google gives us the funniest search suggestions.

As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. It uses data about the overall popularity of various searches and makes smart suggestions.

These suggestions are not only funny, but they can also be very educating, as they tell a lot about us – our biggest fears, concerns and curiosities. Can I eat my cat? Can I swallow sperm? (just some typical questions)

Because google makes suggestion based on searches that occurred most often, these suggestion are not a joke, they are real searches made real by people.

Ready to kill your boredom again?

Scroll down the list!

P.S.: bored panda is very sorry for putting the snapshots so messily

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  • Jdizzle

    A lot of these are kinda discriminating.

    • Bstephanie

      i know especially if you were an american like i am on the american one

    • Fuckyou

      well, gay people are gay

      • Confuzzled

        What. How was this related topic?

    • Kdizzle

      What an original name you have. Jdizzle…..

  • Nocturnesthesia

    All my Indian friends smell fine… :-/

    • Amused

      Lol!! I read that and laughed harder than when I read most of the google suggestions!

  • zi

    freaky! but i love that stuff! LMAO

  • surplussales

    Lol impresive… some of this suggestions are realy funny


      These. Some of THESE suggestions….. Oh sorry, am I being a grammar nazi? :/ Oops. So sorry. It just slips out. You know. It’s like ACK BAD GRAMMAR/SPELLING MUUUUUUST FIIIIIIX and what do you know I’m typing a comment that gets really long as I try to atone for my mistakes. Tsk tsk, I must get this under control…


      WHOA and I didn’t even notice IMPRESSIVE and REALLY…… OH GOLLY GEE IM DOING IT AGAIN!

  • Trish Smith

    I dont see anything.

  • Jazzieharwood

    that was so funny!!! :)

  • Trish Smith

    heres one i found.

  • MsSnob Leah

    this is more than 50… but still cool!

    • Person who says stuff once

      Why say this twice??

  • MsSnob Leah

    this is more than 50 but i like it!

  • Rory O’Hara

    I cant believe some of the things that are searched on google.
    Some VERY funny ones in there :D

  • Allira

    tad racist but funny

  • wtfwomn

    another one funny mugshots lololololololololololololollolololol

  • jellysharks

    Wow, a lot of them are really weird. :-) :-)
    They should do more things like that. :-) :-)


    More than 50, but ok


    Im still bored!

    • Also Bored

      Ditto to that! The amount of people who read this just because they were bored is probably astonishing. And we’re all still bored. So we start to read the comments and then reply to them randomly…


    Nobody has posted for 3 years…

    • One….

      Not true anymore. Now nobody has posted for about two seconds…. three….. four… five….

  • sheesh

    All Mariana did was stand up for her nationality….

  • Another Word for Poop


  • Swimming

    You misspelled drowning. In your name. You put two i’s in it. Just thought I’d let you know.

Author:   Date posted: Aug 25th, 2009
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