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20 Incredible Eye Macros


Bored panda is here again to kill your boredom.

Are you ready to look into the second most complex organs besides brains?

Are your ready to look at the mirror of the soul so close, maybe even close enough to see the soul?


After seeing these photos, you will never look at the human eyes the same way, nor at the fly eyes.

Still want to see them?

Female Jumping Spider

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via

Crane Fly

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via

Female Tabanus Horse Fly

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via


(Bamboo leaf for C. Young Photographyvia

(Bamboo leaf for Robert D Bruce via

Dragon Flies

(Bamboo leaf macropoulos via

(Bamboo leaf for rizalis (malaysian macro team) via

Robber fly (Holcocephala fusca)

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via

Yellowjacket Queen (Vespula squamosa)

(Bamboo leaf for Opo Terser via


(Bamboo leaf for kevincollins123 via


(Bamboo leaf for kevincollins123 via

(Bamboo leaf for ~jjjohn~ via

(Bamboo leaf for kevincollins123 via

(Bamboo leaf for Chaval Brasil via

(Bamboo leaf for rizalis (malaysian macro team) via

(Bamboo leaf for Shirin Pocha via

Electron Micrograph of Drosophila Fly’s Eyes. The structure of the eye, similar to many other insects, is termed a compound eye and is one of the most precise and ordered patterns in Biology.


(Bamboo leaf for kevincollins123 via


(Bamboo leaf for Stephen Begin via

Ant Lion

(Bamboo leaf for Budslife “busy” via

Beetle (Chlorophorus varius)

(Bamboo leaf for MuseumWales via


(Bamboo leaf for Michael Hodge via

Beekermc: “Those aren’t its eyes, they are just to confuse predators (Its eyes are actually inside the folds by it’s head.)”

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  • Maverick

    Myfist time on Bored panda and I do want to say, this blog It is soooo fascinating. Sooo colourful and nice. Thank you. These photos, the figures made out of lego stones, absolutely delightful.

  • Bored Panda

    @Maverick reading such compliments is almost like eating bamboo leaves to me. Thank you!

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  • Mary

    me dio Mieeedo !!!

  • Stephen Begin

    Really proud to see one of my photos up here in the same series as some of Opo terser’s :)

  • Leoni

    I never thought about how complex eyes are ’til now. They’re slightly scary I think except for them catterpillars eyes, they just dont look real, but they are rather cute ^.^

  • James

    All i can say is woah! Sort of creepy, but yet….it’s so amazing to see that up close like that!

  • J Ryan Ford

    The caterpillar looks so cartoonish. Love the jumping spider

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  • Evolutionist

    @Doug How long have you been studying The theory of evolution or biology or any other branch of science connected to the abiogenesis to have qualifications to say such nonsense? I love how these Creationists always say that it’s impossible for life as we know it to “appear” by evolution, and yet they haven’t read even one book explaining the concept of abiogenesis.

  • Renoir

    No, that’e exactly the point. They are not random : the ones that work better are kept, the ones that don’t work die off.

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