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15 Extremely Creative Durex Condom Ads

I would really love to write here an interesting introduction, but the problem is that.. well, pandas usually are too lazy to have sex, so nor I need condoms nor I know anything about them.

If you haven’t read about me in my “About” page yet, here’s the excerpt:

[Pandas are..] “Usually very cute and cuddly, they generally spend their lives eating bamboo and sitting on their haunches. Their population is very low due in part to the fact that they are too lazy to have sex.”

Now you see? I’ve told you.

However, that’s not a big problem because I still enjoy these extremely creative Durex ads! To tell you the truth, Durex condom ads are probably the coolest and most creative ads of all.

Enjoy and never forget to comment!



Really big…



Be Good

Happy Father’s Day

“To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day”

Enjoy The Other Side

“Get lubricant by Durex. Enjoy the other side”

XL Skirt


Thank You for not buying Durex



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  • Kaos Distro

    haha.. funny..! I like it.. Two thumbs up for ‘thank you for not buying Durex’..

  • Joe

    They’re called Kilts, not skirts.

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  • joes

    there’s no way out !! absolutely safe….. great idea for Labyrinth !!!

  • Jesús Dvid Emmanuel Galarza
  • Eugenia

    Hahaha… this is hillarious! i’m so glad i found this site! made my day!!!

  • szuman

    nice ads

  • Sex Toys, Adam & Eve

    Lol, what a great collection of ads! The “Happy Father’s Day” one is definitely the best – subtle but poignant!

  • Rudolf Hucker

    Doesn’t matter what you want to call it, it’s still just a skirt


    thats some funny stuff, but i’m sorry to say that “really big” is actually a burger king ad where someone replaced the bk logo with the durex logo

  • mogi

    This stuff is gr8!

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  • AngryAsshole

    It will always amaze me how hurting women sexually is amusing to people. Speaking specifically to the ad where the girl has bandaids over the corners of her mouth. I know it’s an exaggeration but it’s still presented in a way that makes it funny and almost something to be proud of that your dick is big enough to actually hurt a woman. Why is that ok? I will never understand.

    • OpenYourMouth

      distance is what you need. exaggeration can change perception of things 180 degrees. many people find killing someone in real life not funny to say the least, yet killing with blood spreading everywhere in computer game can be their hobby. you have to distinct between real life and a joke. jokes often are based at someone’s cost (jews, catholics, black, white, men, women, young, old) and should be treated as what they are – jokes.
      assuming that the picture relates to blowjob not facef**k, it’s not man who hurts woman but woman herself – in the end she is doing the job. btw it reminds me of few funny stories… not suited for this site;)

    • iigor

      How about shut the fuck up.
      Are people going to go out and hurt women, thinking its socially acceptable as they saw it on a condom poster? No. It may not meet your standards of feminist advertising but no one asked you to come on this site. Finding a few minutes to step away from RedTube to write a post doesn’t mean we should all be proud of you. Making the decision to troll the internet means accepting you will come across thing you both will like / dislike, but it does not mean you have to comment on everything, fulfilling the desire to make yourself heard. Fuck you, and have a great day :)

  • sex toys with adultplaythings

    bahah, these are brilliant… a great marketing team they have. very creative!

  • Jackie

    Gotta love and use those condoms!! I just sit back and think sometimes just how many lives that were not ruined by unwanted pregnancies.

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  • condom man

    I’m not sure if durex is better at making ads or at making condoms :)

  • Personal lubricant

    They serve as a stark reminder, but important about the importance of safe sex practices. Lil Wayne also starred in an ad for Strapped Condoms. Has shown under arrest with empty pockets on the hood of the car. Among his personal belonging condoms, of course.

  • cuban cigars

    Nice collection, nice Designs. Realy funny and creative advertisements.

  • masum


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