I would really love to write an exciting introduction here, but the problem is that.. well, pandas usually are too lazy to procreate, so nor do I need condoms, nor do I know anything about the condom brands.

If you haven’t read about me in my “About” page yet, here’s the excerpt:

[Pandas are..] “Usually very cute and cuddly, they usually spend their lives eating bamboo and sitting on their haunches. Their population is very low due in part to the fact that they are too lazy to procreate.”

See now? I’ve told you.

However, that’s not a big problem because I still enjoy these extremely creative Durex advertisements! To tell you the truth, Durex condom Commercials are probably the coolest and most creative advertisement examples of all.

Now scroll down for my picks of the best ads and funny commercials below! Enjoy!



Really big…



Be Good

Happy Father’s Day

“To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day”

Enjoy The Other Side

“Get lubricant by Durex. Enjoy the other side”

XL Skirt


Thank You for not buying Durex



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