For the happy couple, the wedding day is one of the biggest events of their lives. Months of saving, planning and stressing go into it, so it’s understandable, to some degree, when the couple forgets that the entire world doesn’t revolve around them.

This cash-strapped bride-to-be thought that she could cut costs by getting hair and makeup done for free

This story, originally shared on Reddit’s Choosing Beggars, is a classic example of a bride falling for her own hype. Reaching out to a ‘friend’ (a pro stylist in London whom she hasn’t spoken to for 10 years), the cash-strapped bride believes that an invite to her small wedding, as well as the opportunity to add photos of this gorgeous creature to a ‘portfolio,’ should be more than enough in exchange for a 3-hour drive to do bridal makeup and hair for free.

The stylist, in the process of setting up her own salon, should consider herself lucky for such a generous free work offer! Or not. Showing an admirable level of tolerance and polite understanding at the bride’s entitled requests, she calmly explains why she most likely will not be driving down to Yeovil to work for free for a woman that she hardly knows, who only contacts her when she needs something.

When nobody responded, she tried asking a makeup artist ‘friend’ instead


We’ve had our fair share of bridezilla stories here at Bored Panda, there is just something about weddings that can make otherwise kind, rational people into selfish, entitled monsters. Perhaps we simply take the whole thing way too seriously? All those fairytales have convinced us that for one day at least, the couple is a little king and queen who can do absolutely anything they want. Sure, it’s a wonderful day for you guys, and all the best to you. But for those of us who aren’t involved, we don’t really care!


What do you think? Have you ever experienced entitled behavior like this when it comes to weddings? Share your stories in the comments below!

Here’s what people had to say about the conversation


Bored Panda spoke to Long Island-based makeup artist Juliana Fink, who specializes in styling for the big day, for some insight on the industry. She says that she has yet to experience the ‘bridezilla,’ saying that it’s oftentimes someone else that may cause some extra stress on the big day. “I have had a fair share of rude people – “mom-zillas” and “bridesmaids-zillas” so it’s usually not the bride, it’s someone else,” she said with a laugh.

“The day of the wedding emotions are running wild as brides are excited, anxious, nervous… so when they sit in my chair I want to create a very relaxing atmosphere for them, talking about things that take their mind off of the stress, and remind them of the amazing day they are already having getting ready with all of their friends and family, and the day is only going to get better.”

“Another thing that helps the day go smoothly is having a beauty schedule to follow so that everyone knows what time they are getting wedding hairstyles and makeup done. I usually schedule someone in the makeup chair every 45 minutes and give myself 1 hour and 15 minutes with the bride. If I am working with a large bridal party I then bring in additional makeup artists. I always share my makeup schedule with the hairstylists so that we can be on the same page.”


“Another service that is really awesome and, as my brides like to call it, ‘peace of mind,’ is the touch-up service where I stay with my brides for touch-ups while they are taking pictures. Nowadays, doing a first look, where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony is very popular. I personally love first looks, it helps to take the edge off because a lot of the anxiety comes from not being able to see your partner. If you get that out of the way, then walking down the aisle is not so nerve-wracking anymore. Also, the makeup will be on for 5 to 6 hours before any of the guests even see the bride walk down the aisle for the ceremony, so having me stay for touch-ups is good to ensure that the makeup looks as fresh as if I had just applied it.”

What would you guess is the most requested look for a wedding makeup specialist on Long Island? “The most requested look I get is a ‘natural look,’ Juliana explains. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘no-makeup look.’ It simply means they want to look like themselves, just a more sophisticated and elegant version of themselves.”

“No one likes that “cakey” feeling!  Therefore, explaining what my services include, like airbrushing, for example, ensures expectations from the beginning. I do ‘virtual coffee dates’ with my clients so we can discuss all the aspects of the wedding while she explains the vision for the big day. I then send them a Starbucks gift card, because it wouldn’t be a coffee date without coffee, right? I truly love what I do and am very blessed to be a part of someone’s special day!”


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