Your wedding day, it can be the best and worst day of your life. Sure you are making a loving commitment to your soul mate, but the pre-planning to get this glorious occasion takes blood, sweat, tears and in most cases a ton of cash. Blushing brides turn into goblins and everyone around them must try and not get caught in the crossfire. One such special day bridezilla story was shared by Twitter user @0lspicykeychain, member of a “wedding shaming” group on Facebook, that delights in discussing the wackiest and elaborate of wedding tales. And if you thought that a toaster or a coffee-maker counts as best wedding gifts, wait ’till you see what this bridezilla asked for of her guests.

It begins with a story of two young lovers who got engaged at a mere 18 and sealed this bond with a “worth nearly $5k” ring. At 20-years-old their family grew to three with the arrival of a new baby. Like most couples, they wished to profess their love to one another in front of friends and family and started saving up for a wedding bonanza. The pair managed to save up $15,000, but after some consultation from a psychic (yes this story involves a psychic), they were told they should conduct the ceremony in Aruba. Destination weddings ain’t cheap, folks, and at an estimated average wedding cost of around $60,000 stormy seas were ahead. The bride wrote that she requested her attendees to help pay for the overseas soiree at $1,500 per head because that’s what friends are for right? To her dismay only eight guests RSVP’d, and our bride proceeded to have a break-down (to put it lightly).

Her fiance suggested a Las Vegas-style cheap wedding alternative, but the future missus would not be swayed. As you can imagine this wedding fiasco does not end well for anyone. With a story so amazing even the Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen had something to say about it. Scroll down below to see how this epic saga ended (hint: South America). (Cover image: iStock / Liquidphoto)

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