There’s procrastination and then there’s Procrastination with a capital ‘P.’ We’ve all been in situations where we’re supposed to be doing something important but we keep putting it off. (You might even be reading this article right now because you don’t want to finish that mega important school essay/job report/dragon-slaying quest of yours?)

Well, Reddit user FinalWintersEve turned to the ‘Am I the Assh*le’ community to tell the story of how her husband procrastinates. Every time that he has to take care of the children, he goes to the bathroom first. He spends an average of 25 minutes each time watching YouTube videos and whatnot. And when he’s not on the toilet, he’s playing video games on his computer.

Fed up with her husband tricking her into doing the vast majority of all the childcare, she took matters into her own hands. From now on, every time he’s in the bathroom for more than 10 minutes, she switches the WiFi off. Truly dastardly.

One woman told the internet what her husband does to avoid helping her out with taking care of the kids

Image credits: FinalWintersEve

Most redditors thought that FinalWintersEve was right to confront her husband because he was obviously avoiding being a dutiful dad and husband. We can’t judge him for playing Diablo, but it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t have his priorities straight.

But whatever reason for turning off the WiFi, at the end of the day, going to the bathroom with your phone is not a good idea. It can have serious consequences for your health. And FinalWintersEve might even be improving her husband’s health without even knowing.

Wireless carrier Verizon’s 2015 survey showed that 9 out of 10 people bring their phones with them when they go to the bathroom. Healthline explains that when you do that, you end up sitting on the toilet longer than usual and increases your risk of getting hemorrhoids. Ouch. Just to be clear, it’s the prolonged sitting that’s bad for you.

The second problem with phones in bathrooms is that you’re contaminating them with disgusting bacteria, microbes, and other nasty things. A 2017 study of students’ phones showed that some of them even had E.coli on them. That. Is. Disgusting. (How many of you are wiping down your phones with antibacterial gel right about now?)

And what do you imagine happens when you touch your face after touching your phone? Or what happens when someone else touches your phone? At least avoid using your phone in public bathrooms like at school or work because it’s difficult to gauge the level of cleanliness there, unlike in your own home.

According to Healthline, pooping should take 1 to 15 minutes. Any longer and it’s clear that you might have some problems with constipation and you’re raising the chance you’ll get hemorrhoids.

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