In these watercolor paintings, I combined the weird beauties with interesting animals to demonstrate the bloom is so relative thing.

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Naturally, everyone needs feedback, but nowadays, in this sweeping world, we don’t have enough time for ourselves, for the real values what we have inside. Sometimes the media, the internet and the social media build a false picture in our mind from ourselves and from the people around us. They have much danger if they use us, not conversely. The desire for perfection can disfigure the everyday life if we yearn for the attention and when we see enviously for other people’s seemingly wonderful life, we feel our self-esteem less and less.

Therefore a lot of soul fights with self-evaluation problems. Time to time thousands of young people float to the edge of depression, anxiety, if no one can tell them how important they are and complete without any compromise. For those many years I had difficulties with my “ego- picture” also. I didn’t believe that I can be enough for my life. I was scared of to be unequal to expectations. But now, I don’t compare myself to other people, because everyone walks in a different way. I think the most important thing to make an effort to self-expression to live a happy life. We have to learn to love our body, our mind. In my opinion, everybody is exquisite in the way they are. Of course, so significant to be healthy, to feel good in subsistence.

In this series I would like to attract attention for fragile children, young adults and teens. Let to cheer on them to concede, that they are beautiful and perfect. The beauty has so many faces and our decision is to see them. We made from star powder, the universe is part of us, so let the sunshine in.

I hope you will enjoy my works!

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I Illustrated Weird Portraits To Demonstrate How Relative The Beauty Is

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Gayle Bynum Cardosa 4 months ago

Love the knuckles. Is it blood or are they swollen and painful from some joint syndrome?

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