For design is a project developed by N/A Studio, a collective of two graphic designers from Portugal. We desire to spread design around the world and emphasize its importance to small business. With our strong passion for design, travel & surf, we decided to create For Design. Our goal is to reach people around the world that don’t have the possibility to invest in design and to show the importance of design to those who don’t believe in it. We believe that a society that values graphic design is a more developed society.

From city to city we’ll exchange our work for services or products. As simple as that, no money involved. This way it makes graphic design available to anyone. We believe that this is the way of the future, exchanging your talents and assets with the ones of those around you.

During the trip, we are going to live in our van. We will transform it into our small home and design studio. Everything will be recorded and shared in our social media and blog.

We will start in some countries in Europe. We already have some clients in Portugal, Spain, France, and Luxembourg. We also received requests from other countries and continents that are not on our route, and that’s why we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, to expand our route and make the project even bigger and available to more people.

More info:

Watch our campaign video if you are too lazy to read.

Your hostel needs a new logo? No problem! Just let us have a room for a night.

Your fruit market needs a brand new website? Perfect! We love fresh fruit.

Your bookstore needs some advertising? Well..I guess by now you already know how it works

We need you!

We give awesome rewards! :P

Help us filling the globe!

Thank you