These remarkable nesting locations show how birds can adapt to their environment. Although not all birds nest, they all build or look to find a safe place to lay and hatch their eggs. Until recently it was believed that nest building was an inherent skill, but recent studies suggest that birds can learn to improve.

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Man-made birdhouses have existed at least since the 15th-16th century. As agriculture and urbanization altered the environment through deforestation, the number of natural nesting cavities decreased. Birdhouses, or creating nesting spots like those shown here, are a solution and response to this problem.

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#1 Ashtray Nest

Ashtray Nest

cascade news Report

MichałPrzybylak 3 years ago

hmmm... how did they got out when they got bigger?

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#2 Swallow Nest In Old Lamp

Swallow Nest In Old Lamp

Robert E Fuller Report

BarbaraNash 3 years ago

Look at that mama bird giving the stink eye in the 2nd photo... love it :)

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#5 Shoe House

Shoe House

Livesay Photography Report

KristenHdz 3 years ago

"there was an old woman who lived in a shoe..."

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#7 Old Teapot

Old Teapot Report

CynthiaDaggett 3 years ago

When it rains, it pours.....

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#9 Dove Nest On A Wreath

Dove Nest On A Wreath Report

GingerJourdenais 3 years ago

I don't know why this doesn't rate higher. They make the wreath all the more festive!

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#10 Outside Is Better

Outside Is Better


CynthiaDaggett 3 years ago


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