The common umbrella is a great example of a simple object that designers have improved upon in a wide variety of ways. Here are 19 cool umbrellas we found that are probably better than yours.

Designers are often tasked with improving upon or creatively beautifying mundane, everyday objects in novel ways, creating something of unique design and looks. From colorful umbrellas to adorably funny ones, we’ve found the best umbrellas to put on our list.

If you know of any cool umbrella designs we missed, share them with us at the bottom of this post. Hopefully, these umbrellas will brighten your rainy days!

Octopus Umbrella

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Komorebigasa: Tree Shadow Umbrella

Designed by Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko

Sky Umbrella


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Goggles Umbrella

This funny umbrella is designed by25 Togo Studio

Cup Holder Umbrella

Designed by Ek Design

Full Body Umbrella

Image credits: yamuhaton


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Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man


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The Dogbrella

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Birdcage Umbrella

Designed by Lulu Guiness

F*ck The Rain Umbrella

From the rain’s point of view.

Designed by Art Lebedev Studio



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Star Wars LED Umbrella

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Wheel & Seal Umbrellas

Designed by Yu-ting Cheng, Yu-hsun Chung, Shaw-chen Chen

Water Gun Umbrella

Designed by Alex Wooley

Red Heart Ubrella

Designed by Art Lebedev Studio

The Backpack Umbrella

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Clock Parasol


Based on the curvature of the earth,the sun lights the umbrella from the back and is allowed to mark the approximate time. (Designed by Kota Nezu)

Off The Course Umbrella

Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz