Here’s a question—was there ever a thing that you believed in and were totally sure about, but then life decided to prove you wrong? I think we all could name at least a few of those things. For instance, for twenty years of my life straight, I was completely sure that I’d never like olives. They were absolutely gross to me. But fast forward to now, lemon-stuffed green olives are one of my favorite snacks in the whole world.

This woman named Katie was sure that Twitter was the absolute worst place to look for a guy. But life decided to prove her wrong (the same as it did for me with olives). Currently, the woman is engaged to a guy who replied to her post on Twitter.

The man she’s engaged to, Terry, summarized the whole story in a Twitter post

Image credits: TBrown_80

At the moment, the post in which Terry summarized the whole story has more than 500,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets!

3 years ago, Katie posted a tweet sharing her concerns about not knowing where to look for single guys

Image credits: KatieKatCubs

Terry replied by suggesting Twitter

Katie thought this suggestion was absolutely ridiculous

Then Terry suggested some more places which, Katie thought, were also terrible

Not as terrible as Twitter, though

Then they proceeded to have a little chit-chat

And it ended on a pretty sweet note

Apparently, after that, Terry slid into Katie’s DMs

Image credits: TBrown_80

3 years later, they are getting married!

Image credits: KatieKatCubs