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Guy Trolls IKEA By Putting Fake In-Store Reviews All Over The Place
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Guy Trolls IKEA By Putting Fake In-Store Reviews All Over The Place


IKEA is the most recent victim of a famous comedian and California resident Jeff Wysaski, AKA Obviousplant. Wysaski has become known for his pleated-jeans website filled with fake reviews and Tumblr pictures of in-store pranks. This time he wrote fake, funny, product reviews and placed them around IKEA. Wysaski is also a member of Bored Panda, and you’ve probably already seen his latest submission of fake Trump health brochures to our site.

“I do a lot of brainstorming sessions,” Wysaski, told the Daily Dot. “I spend a lot of time online looking at art that other people make and thinking, ‘Oh, that’s funny. What makes that so funny?’…So I started making clever jokes for myself. I always wanted a career in comedy, and I realized that writing my own stuff and sharing my own funny pranks was the way to do it.”

Now, scroll down below and check the hilariously funny reviews for yourself! Don’t forget to tell us which one do you think is the best prank!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: dailydot)



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