Hasan Kale, an incredibly talented artist from Turkey, pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with paint by painting inconceivably tiny yet beautiful paintings on… just about anything, really.

Kale’s artistic canvases include, but are not limited to, peanut husks, split almonds, banana chips, and beans – as long as it’s tiny, he’ll paint on it. He paints on inorganic objects as well, but the food canvases are more impressive because of their impermanent nature. And then there’s the scale to consider. Most of these are so tiny that they can’t be seen clearly without magnification, which begs the question – how did he do that!?

According to his Facebook, Kale has set himself the goal of painting a silhouette of Istanbul on a strand of hair. If there’s anybody who can pull this off, it’s probably him.

Source: Facebook (via: thisiscolossal)