Peter Maier is a 27-year-old from Switzerland who managed to capture a breathtaking moment, when a rare thunderstorm dumped tonnes of water into an Alpine lake. The weather phenomenon is known as a ‘wet microburst,’ which occurs when a sudden burst of downward wind hits the base of a thunderstorm.

Maier managed to record the captivating scene on video from his hotel terrace at Lake Millsatt in Austria. He described the view as a “tsunami from heaven,” and we just can’t argue with that! Since the video was shared on Facebook, it has already been viewed over 1.6 million times, leaving many people in awe.

Maier is a mountaineer who always keeps at least a couple of cameras with him, ready to capture incredible shots, and this time he definitely succeeded!

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Peter Maier is a 27-year-old mountaineer from Switzerland

Image credits: Peter Maier

Recently, he managed to capture a rare weather anomaly

Image credits: Peter Maier

It is called a “wet microburst”

Image credits: Peter Maier

He described the view he saw as “tsunami from heaven”

Image credits: Peter Maier

Since Maier leads a rather active lifestyle, he always tries to capture some unique shots

Image credits: Peter Maier

This breathtaking moment was shot in Austria, from Maier’s hotel terrace

Image credits: Peter Maier

Watch Maier’s video to see this phenomenon yourself!

Image credits: Peter Maier

Many people were shocked by this phenomenon