It's a little known fact, but a fact nonetheless, that celebrities can travel through time. Don't believe us? then check out this amazing photographic evidence compiled by Bored Panda to see for yourself. In it you'll find some of your favorite (and not so favorite) well-known people time-hopping throughout different periods in history. From John Travolta pretending to be a man from the 1860s and Jay Z hanging out in Harlem in 1939, to Vladimir Putin pretending to be King Louis XII and Chuck Norris disguising himself as none other than Vincent van Gogh, this list serves to expose the truth about these apparently mortal people. Don't forget to vote for the best!

#10 Egyptian Actress Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) And Jennifer Lawrence

Egyptian Actress Zubaida Tharwat (1940-2016) And Jennifer Lawrence

Frederick M. Brown Report

Yvonne Bernal 1 year ago

They are so much alike, even without the eye makeup, they'd still be twins!

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