Whether it’s the sparkly Jane Norman tote of your youth or your treasured Mulberry, your beaten up satchel or your practical laptop bag, your choice of luggage says a lot about who you are. Read on to hear some insightful home truths from the guys who know luggage like no other. Get ready to reflect…

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1) Jane Norman Tote

You went to school in the noughties, and like every other girl in your year you sported a trendy Jane Norman tote bag because fashion.

Image credits: www.gumtree.com

2) Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

You probably studied an art foundation, and love the way your Macbook fits neatly inside.

Image credits: www.mykankenbag.com

3) Satchel

You’re a young and fresh-faced city worker with big dreams and a sore shoulder.

4) It Luggage

You’re a travel bunny who’s a sucker for the next airport trend so just had to try the world’s lightest luggage.

5) Longchamp Shopper

You work in London, all your girl friends have got one somewhere, and it’s probably a good fake.

Image credits: beautifulfunctionalperfect.wordpress.com

6) Duffle Bag

You’re a pro-active sportsperson who’s about to get ripped.

Image credits: www.decathlon.co.uk

7) A Mulberry

You’re over thirty and wanted to treat yo’ self to a status symbol to show off that hard earned cash.

Image credits: www.mulberry.com

8) Clutch Bag

You value fashion over having free use of your hands.

Image credits: www.notonthehighstreet.com

9) Supermarket Bag For Life

You’re an organised environmentalist (or you’re just thrifty and refuse to fork out 5p for another one).

Image credits: www.smartbags.co.uk

10) Just Do It Bag

Your pencil case fits in there, but you end up juggling your books around school because you value your squad’s ‘style’ over your bag’s substance.

Image credits: www.xstreamradio.co.uk

11) Man Bag

Your wife/girlfriend bought it for you for Christmas. You would never have picked it yourself but now you realise how damn handy a bag is so you’ll definitely replace it as soon as it breaks.

Image credits: www.themodestman.com

12) Reflective Backpack

You’re a cycling enthusiast who spent a small fortune on this, so love to rave about it by way of justification to anyone who will listen (lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, best buy, yada yada yada…)

Image credits: road.cc

13) Laptop Bag

You’re a true travelling salesman. This old school briefcase-laptop hybrid was probably fashionable a few years ago. It’s got more hidden pockets than you’ve got possessions, and exudes middle aged practicality.

Image credits: www.amazon.co.uk

14) Bum Bag

You’re a hardened festival-goer, who probably got this in a vintage shop or from your stylish mum who’s had it since the eighties.

Image credits: www.amazon.co.uk

15) No bag

You’re going on a night out, your ID and contactless card is jammed in your phone case and your phone case is in your bra so that you are totally free to cut some serious shapes.