My name is Jon Neill and I am a professional pumpkin carver seen on last year’s Snickers Halloween commercial and Champion of Food Network’s Halloween Wars.

I have been sculpting since I was a child and got my start making creatures at Stan Winston Studios in the 90’s sculpting Dinosaurs for the Jurassic park series. I had worked with most materials from clay to stone and had made a career in TV and Film utilizing my vast array of artistic skills. I love holiday traditions and sculpting pumpkins during Halloween is more than just carving. You connect with everyone on a deep level. In America, we have all carved a pumpkin with family members and when I carve, especially to entertain fans, everyone has a story they want to share with me.

I call it their “Pumpkin Therapy” to talk to the Pumpkin Guru, while I’m carving. As an artist, I like to bring something common and present it in a new way. There’s an art movement happening with Pumpkins and it’s a very exciting time for those of us trying to push the envelope with our carving. I also love to sculpt Chocolate, butter, cheese and anything else most people would never think to create with. Check out the previous post about my pumpkin carvings here.

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This Is Me Carving A Pumpkin

Slushy The Cyclops

My pumpkin carving appeared on the Mark Rober Halloween prank segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

850 LB White Giant Pumpkin Carved In Fair Oaks Farms Indiana

Carved in 5 hours at Fair Oaks Farms Cowtoberfest.

The Walking Dead Pumpkin Head

As a fan of the show, why not create an Undead Pumpkin Head!

Son Of The Scariest Pumpkin Ever

My pumpkin carving appeared on the Mark Rober Halloween prank segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Sand Head Pumpkin

Grumpy Pumpkin Head

Pumpkins like this take anywhere from four to ten hours to sculpt, depending on complexity.

Grok The Pumpkin

Created in Laguna Beach for the Laguna College of Art and Design for a Charity raffle to raise money.

Sponge Bob Square Pumpkin

I created my version of Bob for Nickelodeon fans everywhere.

Zombie Pumpkin

Pumpkin Dude

Creepy One

One Eyed Giant Robot

The Last Giant Carving Of The Day In 4 Hours

Pumpkin Trio

The Scariest Pumpkin Ever!

My first viral timelapse pumpkin carving which became the front page of Reddit.