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Lonely Houses I Found In Portugal
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Lonely Houses I Found In Portugal


My “lonely houses” started when I was very little, and realized there was a dichotomy between the feeling of “home” I had inside of me, and what I was perceiving outside, in the place where I was born.

My houses often have the vibrancy of the place where I grew up, but they may confuse the viewer. Sometimes they may feel lost, and out of place. Some other times, they have a sense of self-containment, and of human warmth inside. My houses will always carry elements of the child in me, and my home dichotomy. I am also documenting their own personalities, in the geographical and cultural context where they exist.

Today, I continue to search for that home I seem to have forgotten in the traditional houses of Portugal, where I live now. I capture them with my mobile phone, and edit them (also on my phone) to bring them as close as possible to the way my eyes see them.

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