You don’t have to be a wizard to find Harry Potter fanfiction online. Fan-made alternative versions of the legendary J. K. Rowling series have become so popular that, apparently, even new readers are getting a hold of them by mistake.

That’s exactly what happened to Chris Chappell, host of the online information show China Uncensored, when he finally decided to dive into the Harry Potter universe, and bought all seven volumes as e-books online. It was all going magically until he reached the fifth installment, Order of the Pheonix, which had been slightly edited by whoever sold it to him… And by edited, we mean it was totally hijacked.

Shocked by the scandalous turn of events he was reading, Chris reached out to his colleague, Shelley Zhang, a major Harry Potter fan herself. The ensuing discussion they had over text was so hilarious that Shelley couldn’t help posting it online. Find out why this story had thousands of Twitter users rolling on the floor by reading below!