Even in these crappy times and with all the 2020 shenanigans going on, we’ve still got things to look forward to and get ready for. For instance, Halloween is just around the corner. When you think about it, Christmas is also pretty close. And you know what they say—it’s never too early to start preparing for the most magical time of the year, right?

Already thinking about what your Christmas tree is going to look like? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Apparently, a few shops on Etsy are now selling these adorable little festive Christmas trees that are made using real succulents! Are succulents about to become the new Christmas trees?

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Most of these festive trees are around 13 inches tall

Image credits: TerracottaCornerFL

There are quite a few shops on Etsy selling these succulent Christmas trees, though the shop called TerracottaCornerFL, run by Amanda Ryan, seems to be the most popular one. All of their trees are handmade and crafted using real succulents.

For instance, the one that you can see in the picture below is called The Alpine Succulent Tree and it was created “with nearly 50 haworthias and a dozen colorful succulents including echeverias, graptoverias, sedums, and more.”

All of these trees were made using real succulents

Image credits: TerracottaCornerFL

The tree in the picture below is called Aurora Succulent Tree and this one was “adorned with nearly 25 gorgeous Echeverias.”

“Once the succulents outgrow the tree or the season is over, just pluck, plant, and enjoy the succulents for many years to come!” reads the description of the tree.

To keep it alive, all you have to do is lightly spray the tree with water every 10-14 days

Image credits: TerracottaCornerFL

Succulents at Amanda’s shop cost around $130

Image credits: TerracottaCornerFL

Another Etsy shop which is called RileysOasis is also selling festive trees, though these look quite different from the previous ones. As you can see in the picture below, these trees are a bit more vibrant and, apparently, there are two sizes for you to choose from. The small version of the tree is around 7 inches and the large one is approximately 10 inches tall.

Apparently, this one was filled with over 100 succulent cuttings

Image credits: RileysOasis

“Wow oh wow! This will be the talk and centrepiece of any space! Great for business, office, or your house. Low maintenance and it will not shed! Filled with over 100 succulent cuttings… And when Christmas is over, you can keep it the way it is or repot them all! No two trees will look alike… they are all different and uniquely beautiful,” reads the description of the tree.

And it costs $185

Image credits: RileysOasis

The last bad boy is from the Etsy shop called TheSavvySucculents. This one, so far, seems to be the tallest tree of them all—it measures 18 inches tall by 10 inches wide at the base of the tree, though this one (you can see him in the picture below) is made out of faux succulents.

This one measures 18 inches tall

Image credits: TheSavvySucculents

“How adorable is this succulent tree?? It’s never too soon to be shopping holiday decor, right?? I’m so in love with this piece, as I’m constantly growing my holiday collection… This unique home decor is perfect for the holidays and will last you Fauxever!! No watering, no maintenance… just forever beautiful Christmas time decor to decorate with year after year,” reads the description of the tree.

This tree is the only one made using faux succulents

Image credits: TheSavvySucculents

Are these bad boys about to become the new Christmas trees?

Image credits: TerracottaCornerFL

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